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Been in IT since '97 and done all sorts of IT things. I used to own a business when I lived in Alaska fixing computers, building them, virus removal, network administration and setup for small businesses, etc.

Outside of owning a business, I've worked for an ISP as tech support and management, various other companies as a help desk tech, systems administrator, network tech, etc. My latest adventure is an accidental DBA. My current IT department had specialty in all other areas and I was approached with "Hey, Sean, we need a SQL DBA type guy....." So, here I am soaking up as much as I can and asking newb questions. I do search and ask my junior DBA friend Google for help before I post as I believe in research first, then posting for clarification or if I can't find the answer.

Outside of IT, technology, and databases, I love to be outdoors camping, traveling, playing TONS of disc golf, brewing beer, and smoking cigars.

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