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Strats in a commodity trading firm in Hong Kong.

comment What are the canonical NoSQL resources for people who never used this technology?
Great answer. I like the variety of the sources!
comment What's better for large changes to a table: DELETE and INSERT every time or UPDATE existing?
I believe you should give more details on your table, as I guess it would depend on the potential existence of indices on fields.
comment Database-backed website configuration
@Xkeeper : TEXT requires much more disk space I think, and I'm not sure you'll need more that 255 bits for your use. This is not an overkill, it provides you with enough flexibility to enhance your system later if need. It is a good pattern for scalability and proved useful for me.
comment Is maintaining a single database an issue when the underlying project becomes larger?
@JNK : this could figure as an answer, easily. I did not imply that the arguments I was told were correct, I'm happy you think they are not.