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comment Is NoSQL a replacement for traditional SQL, or an addition?
Actually it means "Not Only SQL" and embraces polyglot persistence. See the article by Martin Fowler ( And there is a range from NOSQL stores handling large amounts of simple data to NOSQL stores handling complex, rich data (…)
comment Can NoSQL databases cause occasional data loss?
Neo4j is a NOSQL (graph) database that is actually ACID compliant. It comes with full transaction support and durable persistence. Neo4j also uses transaction-logs to secure write operations before applying them to the datastore. Disclaimer: I work for Neo Technology.
comment Amount of data per node in Neo4j
How big are your chunks in general? You should make sure to find a suitable string_block_size to keep the number of string blocks in the storage down to a reasonable level as well as not wasting too much space in only half-filled blocks. How will the data be used? Just rendered or also queried/processed otherwise? If you need to save space, compression + storage as byte array can be an option.