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I have recently graduated from RMIT University and I am currently looking for work in the software development field. I have been working with .NET and C# for many years and have extensive experience developing web applications. In my paid position at RMIT University I developed a rich web application similar to the journey planner provided by Public Transport Victoria which I then used for experimentation over my honours year. I am currently in the process of publishing it as an open source project for use by RMIT University and other interested researchers. I am passionate about software development and I am always learning new technologies and have many coding projects which I develop in my spare time.

comment SQL Server Indexing Performance in Unique/Duplicate column
I'm not sure I understand your question fully. If each value of a column is unique, one leaf node will point to one record, the best performance you can get. If there are more than one record with the same value then each of those records will have to be scanned individually. I always think of a phone book. A phone book is indexed on the first letter of each name, that only divides the records into 26 sections, you then have to scan each section for the name you want so it isn't a very ideal index.
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