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I have been a software developer and database designer for the past fifteen years. I am also a certified PMP as well. I enjoy new opportunities and experiences. Right now I am located in Pennsylvania but I would love to move south someday soon.

I have spent most of my time in the Microsoft stack (starting with VBA and VB6 as well as SQL Server 7). I moved to .NET when it came out and Microsoft SQL Server has always been my primary database platform. However, I have developed applications professionally in a number of languages including PHP, C++, C, Powershell, etc.

Right now I am spending most of my time in JavaScript, primarily in Angular. I love the flexibility and power of modern JavaScript. It allows me to create really great interactive websites and I can create prototypes or even whole applications for mobile devices without changing languages.

If I had to pick one thing I was best at, I would say that it is probably identifying solutions to problems, even if those problems haven't been identified as problems. I am skilled at deconstructing issues and identifying a good path to solve each issue on the way to solving the entire problem. This serves me well in software development but it also applies to a lot of non-development areas. That is why currently I am a certified project manager and the head of an IT department. I find problems and I solve them. I have been able to be creative in how I solved networking problems, server problems, and other IT-related problems. This has given me great success in my many different roles over the years and it has given me a broad base of experiences to help improve my analytical abilities.

I love to hear from people, so feel free to give me a shout. My email address is listed. Drop me a line and say hi.

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