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I work as software developer for a large department at the University of Minnesota. I'm a strong advocate for FOSS, libraries, and information & technology literacy (including my own).

I have particular expertise in PHP & MySQL, while I remain an insufferable Ruby on Rails n00b.

Stack Overflow makes me a better programmer while I can offer my own help to make others better programmers.

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comment Will a static MySQL database become bigger in file size over time, even without anyone writing to it?
The InnoDB storage engine in particular will increase its metadata files over time without freeing space from them, but it sounds like you are referring to the size of a SQL dump file, and now the table files on disk?
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comment Performance for fast filling table
Do you ever plan to track things like #omgthishastagissolong ?
comment Benefits of using backtick (`) in MySQL queries?
@SatishPandey You can't use reserved keywords as identifiers unless quoted, that is true - it's just that status is not a reserved word.