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I'm a PostgreSQL admin/developer, sysadmin, multi-language programmer (lately mostly Java and Java EE, previously C, C++, Python and good old bash) and general IT JOAT.

I work for 2nd Quadrant, a global PostgreSQL consultancy.

I maintain a technical blog at blog.ringerc.id.au. My PostgreSQL writing now appears on the 2nd quadrant blog.

I'll work in most programming languages with varying degrees of competence, though I'll only reluctantly touch PHP or Perl code. I'm more interested in the libraries, tools, and the code that's built on top of the language.

Most of my scrap code lives on https://github.com/ringerc . Most of my open source code is in the form of scattered patches across too many different bugzillas and JIRAs, rather than single new projects. Over time I've done a lot of work on Scribus and PoDoFo, but have moved away from both projects as my focus and interests changed. I contribute patches - rather infrequently - to PostgreSQL and to various Java EE 6 infrastructure components. Most of my contribution is now non-code, in the form of:

  • Detailed bug reporting with test cases, which I spend an unpleasant proportion of my development time preparing and submitting, mostly against JBoss and java.net projects.
  • User support for PostgreSQL on mailing lists and here on SE
  • PostgreSQL patch review and beta testing
  • Usability review of Java EE libs/tools, as well as usability review of PostgreSQL and its tools
  • Writing, editing and enhancing documentation, HOWTOs, etc
  • Blogging in detail on topics likely to be useful to others.

I've turned into a git fiend and no longer understand why anybody uses anything else. I'm also becoming increasingly obsessive about testing, particularly with the advent of Jenkins CI and Arquillian.

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