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Database Administrator for FragranceNet.com

Fluent in most of the Microsoft Stack (.Net, SQL Server version 2000-2008 R2, Powershell)

From time to time, you can find me using MySQL or PostgresQL as the situation fits my need. I have also been very fond of python recently.

I manage an email appliance running on CentOS 5.8 and I run Ubuntu 12.04.3 at home, so I'm pretty comfortable with linux.

I'm heavily a back-end DB and systems architect. I'm really ecstatic at what Microsoft has been able to open up through Powershell and ability to operate servers on 2012 server core.

I don't work with a gui a lot, but I am aspiring to learn JavaScript/CSS/HTML, not just C#, to build MVC organized websites in ASP.net. I've also toyed with the idea of using Django as a web platform.

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