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Andrew T Finnell

Andrew is a long time lover of programming and the practices that go along with it. Picking up his first C++ book when he was 13-years old he was lucky enough to learn what his passion in life would be before high school. Learning to program on an Apple IIe, Commodore and even the short lived BeBox, he was able to secure his first job at 17 years old.

His current passions include:

  • Answering questions on StackExchange
  • Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • Beautiful designs and the code that goes along with it
  • That feeling you get when you solved a problem that others were unable to in an gloriously efficient way.
  • Enterprise Service Buses (Mule ESB) and the current SOA trend.
  • Producing a insanely high performance, fault-tolerant, linearly scalable messaging system, preferably within the Mule ESB ecosystem.
  • The many possibilities of parallel computing with small form factory devices such as Raspberry Pi's and Parallella
  • And last but not least, explaining to people why their service is not RESTful no matter how much they claim it is.