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Top new questions this week:

Is this an error in SQL Server's documentation for ROLLBACK?

This is the SQL Server's document talking about the ROLLBACK statement. On that page it states that the syntax of it is as follows: ROLLBACK { TRAN | TRANSACTION } [ transaction_name | @...

sql-server transaction rollback documentation  
asked by Just a learner 13 votes
answered by Dan Guzman 30 votes

What happens when you change a heap into a clustered table in SQL Server?

As I understand, a heap is an unordered object. When you insert a record, SQL Server use IAM page to get the pages that belong to this heap, and use PFS page to find a particular one which has enough ...

sql-server clustered-index heap  
asked by Just a learner 5 votes
answered by David Browne - Microsoft 13 votes

MS SQL Server 2014: which stored procedure is my error in?

As a general question or three on Microsoft SQL Server 2014, that perhaps I should know the answer to already, or even perhaps did once - When my stored procedures run other stored procedures, how can ...

sql-server sql-server-2014 stored-procedures error-handling  
asked by Robert Carnegie 4 votes
answered by Stephen Morris - Mo64 5 votes

Query 2 tables without a join

I am given the schema: BOOKING (hotelNo, guestNo, dateFrom, dateTo) GUEST (guestNo, guestName, guestAddress) I an asked to formulate the query for: List the guest numbers associated with the first ...

asked by pk00 3 votes
answered by Colin 't Hart 4 votes

Do SQL OS Background Tasks Yield to Normal Tasks?

I have a SQL Server 2019 server that is running at about 22% CPU. I look at what's running and I see that about half of that 22% is coming from background tasks (i.e. the status is "background&...

sql-server performance-tuning sql-server-2019 cpu  
asked by sarme 2 votes
answered by Stephen Morris - Mo64 -2 votes

Urgent help with TempDB log file growth mystery

I need some urgent guidance for a tempdb issue for past last week: The tempDB log file is growing starting a specific time, lets say 2 PM. And almost continue to grow upto 150 GB and then comes down ...

sql-server performance sql-server-2014 transaction-log tempdb  
asked by BeginnerDBA 2 votes
answered by SqlWorldWide 2 votes

Autotask 'auto optimizer stats collection' and scheduler jobs logging

We have a DB hosting Peoplesoft schema, with more than 33.000 tables. Since december Oracle has left more than 18 thousand of them with no statistics renewed: SQL> select to_char(last_analyzed,'...

oracle statistics  
asked by Seb 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make sqlplus output appear in one line?

I have a table with 100 columns. When selecting data in SQL Plus the output wraps, making it difficult to read. What I'd rather like is either a horizontal scroll bar to appear or somehow send the ...

oracle sqlplus  
asked by Kshitiz Sharma 58 votes
answered by miracle173 66 votes

How to properly format sqlite shell output?

If I go to mysql shell and type SELECT * FROM users I get - +--------+----------------+---------------------------------+----------+-----------+--------------------+--------------------+ | USERID | ...

asked by Kshitiz Sharma 113 votes
answered by Mat 151 votes

How to use sqlplus to connect to an Oracle Database located on another host without modifying my own tnsnames.ora

I want to connect to an oracle database located on another host using sqlplus. This page suggested adding an item on my tnsnames to conenct to that database local_SID = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS =...

oracle sqlplus  
asked by Louis Rhys 89 votes
answered by René Nyffenegger 93 votes

ODBC Data Source SQL Server Connection - Login Failed For User

I have moved my database from an SQL 2005 to a server with SQL 2008. I am now trying to create an ODBC Data Source. I am using "With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password ...

sql-server-2008 sql-server-2005 odbc logins  
asked by jpsnow72 13 votes
answered by jpsnow72 15 votes

sqldeveloper ORA-12505. TNS: listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor

There are similar questions asked and answered in this network related to the error message given in the question, however this problem is a little different from each. I have installed oracle 12c in ...

oracle ubuntu sqlplus oracle-sql-developer  
asked by pranphy 6 votes

Database cannot be upgraded because it is read-only or has read-only files. Make the database or files writeable, and rerun recovery

I have received a database file and the instructions for loading it is to install SQL Server 2005 and then attach it using SQL Server Management Studio. After installing everything, I tried to attach ...

sql-server ssms attach  
asked by MxLDevs 11 votes
answered by Mike Fal 11 votes

Why use WHERE 1 or WHERE 1=1?

Usually, if conditions are not required in our query statements, we don't use a WHERE clause. But I've seen a WHERE 1 clause being used in many places, even where other conditions are not present. ...

asked by ursitesion 58 votes
answered by Twinkles 55 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Many to many relationship, select rows based on values in list

I want to select group_runs based on a list of group_runners.player and I'm having issue getting rid of results that don't have all the values on that list. In this case group_runs with id = 2 shouldn'...

mysql select many-to-many  
asked by Oen44 1 vote

Postgres database insert become slow after 10 days, and then it needs a full vacuum

We have a postgres database which is almost 15GB's in size after vacuum. With a dedicated hardware i,e 32GB of ram with 12 Cores. The data automatically gets inserted around 300k inserts per day, and ...

postgresql performance postgresql-performance vacuum  
asked by omer Farooq 1 vote
answered by hmallett 0 votes

TNS-00534: Failed to grant connection ownership to child

when I tried to connect to my oracle instance with sql developer, I see this error in logs TNS-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error TNS-...

oracle oracle-18c  
asked by Petr Kostroun 1 vote
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