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MySql replication with Raw Data and InnoDB tables

I want to start replication on DB that has many InnoDB tables and MyISAM tables. I did everything according to manual Creating a Data Snapshot Using Raw Data Files.

Firstly, I tried copied all tables files with relay log and etc. without ib_logfile and ibdata. Replication didn't work it couldn't find InnodDB tables, after that I tried to do the same with ib_logfile and ibdata, it failed with error message Error 'Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'' on opening tables.

When I tried to copy my.cnf from original server mysql failed to start at all (version 5.1.41).

I am not sure if it's possible to start replication with raw data and InnoDb files. Please, if you have experience, share it with me. How can I deal with it.