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Editing other people's answers

I'm new on this forum and I'm learning new things everyday (which is great!), and I am also learning about how to behave on this forum so here's a question about etiquette and all that, specifically about the etiquette regarding the editing of other people's responses.

For example ... I posted a reply not too long ago and signed off with "I hope this helps".

A couple of hours later, someone came along and edited my reply (without me being able to agree one way or another) which is obviously something that can be very good. So I wondered what dramatic improvements that person made, surely with the aim to ensure that the OP would understand and/or contextualise my reply better after the improvement. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw that the only change was to "correct" my sign-off to "I hope this will help" .. no further changes, no correction in my suggested code or approach.

I get it, my English is far from impeccable .. but seriously .. Am I right to be a little peeved off? .. my sign off is my sign off and I don't why anyone should come and correct it .. what if I sign off with Bert .. would it be ok for someone to come along and say "oh look a mistake, it should be Bertrand" .. what if I want to sign off with "toddleedoo" (or whatever .. ) .. how much is to ask people to keep their wee fingers away from that? (but please do correct my reply if it is wrong or troublesome in some other way, I will thank you for it).

Can I get some opinions on this? I'm curious as to why someone would get out of their way for such an inconsequential change - do people get points when they edit other people's replies? Is it possible to reject editions?

Many thanks & toddleedoo


ps: apologies for the negativity ... I hope I'm not the first one to get a little upset about this.