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Oct 14 '19 at 20:55 comment added J. Taylor @codecraig, Unfortunately, I did not end up finding a satisfactory solution. Some people on other forums suggested using PCA or other forms of dimension reduction techniques to simplify vectors to <100 length (so I could use cube module). But this wouldn't give me the accuracy I needed. If you discover (or already know of) a way to do this, I would be very interested in hearing about it!
Oct 8 '19 at 17:32 comment added codecraig @J.Taylor did you come up with a solution?
Feb 22 '19 at 22:28 comment added J. Taylor Yes, it appears that all of the similarity metrics in smlar are set-based, and it's version of "cosine similarity" isn't really correct (although I might be misunderstanding the code because my C skills are minimal, and the code is poorly documented). It looks like they're calculating the # of equal components, then dividing by the sqrt(|A| * |B|). I think this is an attempt to calculate Ochiai coefficient, but it's using the floats themselves instead of bit arrays the Ochiai algorithm is supposed to work with ...
Feb 22 '19 at 19:27 comment added jjanes @a_horse_with_no_name The lack of usable documentation or comments is not encouraging. A quick look at the code suggests that it is treating the floats as labels, not as numbers, and then doing Tanimoto on the label overlaps between the arrays.
Feb 22 '19 at 18:50 comment added a_horse_with_no_name Not sure if this one does the job: github.com/jirutka/smlar
Feb 22 '19 at 18:45 history answered jjanes CC BY-SA 4.0