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Online schema changes for cloudsql DB

I'm new to cloudsql for mysql. I have a table with trigger. I need to do some ddl changes on that table. However, I can't take any downtime.

What I have tried so far:

I tried with pt-online-schema-change. Because, it work for our local databases. However, in case of managed cloudsql - it wasn't working. Opened an issue with Percona(PT-1964).

Next, I checked for gh-ost. However, as per their documentation(https://github.com/github/gh-ost/blob/master/doc/requirements-and-limitations.md) -it doesn't support any table with trigger.

Making changes with shared lock option isn't available for me - because we have a replica too.

Does anyone knows any other method/suggeation to make ddl changes online for cloudsql for mysql.

Thanks in advance!