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Big lists in a relational DB

I need to store a list of items and that list belongs to a single user. The lists are going to be huge, so this has to be done as efficiently as possible. The lists also have to be modifiable to a small degree (able to add new items).

This is my (possible) solution:
Have a table items, where we store the data of our items. Table lists contains info about our lists (name, user_id etc). Table lists_lengths contains our lists lengths, e.g:

list_id | item_id_start | item_id_end
1       | 1             | 200
2       | 201           | 220
1       | 221           | 300

If the lists get a lot of modifications, this might end up being a poor design though. Is this good or is the blatant list_id in the items table just the way to go?