Using Win 7, Visual Studio 2013, (or Sql management tool 2014) This is for a class and its all software on the trial period.

In Visual Studio server explorer - I can connect to the Azure Server I created and see the database AdventureWorkLT but I don't see tables etc. I should note that I did this with a different login but I tried that in object explorer and got the same errors.

So I go to object explorer and try to connect and I get the error. I am using this for the server name tcp:mysevername.database.windows.net in the connect dialog and I am certain the password is right. This tcp:myservername.database.windows.net is the connection string that was shown/said I should use.

In server explorer I right click the AdventureWorksLT database and select " open in object explorer" and the connection dialog shows up I put in the information and get error 10060 - timeout no response or if I use tcp:myservername I get error 11004 - "the requested name is valid but no data of the requested type is found". It also asks for the firewall ip which I have configured already in the portal. Everytime I check my ip is the same so why it asks ?? If I put my ip in it goes away and I still end up with the error 10060 or 11004. It does update the portal with the ip I put in. So now there are about 5 0r 6 of the same ip listed out in the portal.

When I created the server through the azure portal I had it create the AdventureworkLT database. I need to be able to query the data for the class. So I need to know how to access the data and tables etc. I am sure the solution is obvious and simple but I am missing it so thanks to any one who can help.

  • Have you been able to connect to the database via SSMS? – Dan Rediske Mar 20 '17 at 16:47

To resolve this error, try one of the following actions:

Make sure that you have configured the firewall on the computer to allow this instance of SQL Server to accept connections.

Use the SQL Server Configuration Manager tool to allow SQL Server to accept remote connections.

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