I have 3 tables. ClassList, Student & Faculty. I'm trying to assign the faculty to a specific class, e.g. I'm assigning "John Doe" to the section "Section1" where this "Section1" exists in the Student table column.


Student table

 StudentID       Name    Section
    1            user1    Section1
    2            user2    Section1
    3            user3    Section2

Faculty table

 FacultyID       Name       Subject
    1            Faculty1   Subject ABC
    2            Faculty2   Subject DEF

ClassList table

  ClassListID        StudentID      FacultyID    ModifiedDate

My insert statement is like this:

        SELECT Student.StudentID 
        FROM Student 
        WHERE Student.Section = 'Section1'
        SELECT Faculty.FacultyID 
        FROM Faculty 
        WHERE Faculty.FirstName = @FacultyName 
        OR Faculty.LastName = @FacultyName

I know that the select statement in the Student table returning a lot so I'm wondering if there's a way to add all the return query of it into ClassList table?


Since you don't appear to have any common information in these two tables, I'd recommend doing a distinct cross apply:

INSERT INTO ClassList (StudentID, FacultyID, ModifiedDate)
SELECT DISTINCT student.studentID
FROM Student
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  • What does cross apply do? Yes, I am using SQL Server. My problem is the select statement I've made for the Students has a lot of results and can't be lessen by using distinction because it gives unique results. I want to add all of these results example 5 results to be added in the class list in one insert statement with the faculty. – user3323654 May 5 '15 at 17:01

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