How can I put an sql query result in a string array with Postgres? I have some attributes in the column 'zone' of the table 'mytable' and I must put them all in a String[] areas; This is my first request, sorry if I made some format mistake.

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    You forgot to provide the data type of the column and your version of Postgres. String[] is not a valid Postgres type. I suppose you mean text[]? And do you want to aggregate all attributes from all rows into one array or just attributes from one row? May 7 '15 at 0:00
  • yes, i use postgres 9.4 and the String[] areas is the array where i will put the text attributes. I want to aggregate all attributes of a column May 8 '15 at 15:39

You can use an array constructor:

select array(
select zone
from mytable) 
as areas;
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    I feel array_agg() is a bit more convenient, no need to use a subquery, for example.
    – dezso
    May 7 '15 at 10:25
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    @dezso: The array constructor (which is not an "operator"!) is typically faster to build a single array. So this is actually the best technique. May 11 '15 at 3:31
  • I've just made a small test where I see the two producing the exact same query plan, therefore the same execution time.
    – dezso
    May 11 '15 at 13:03

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