Trying to create a backup device for a new db. I'm using management studio and just using the "New Backup Device..." wizard and giving UNC path to the backup directory.

There is a pre-existing db on another server, it has backups working to the same Samba share.

I'm setting up backups for a new db on a new node, same vlan/subnet using the same share, same domain account for the SQL service user.

I can access and read/write just browsing the UNC with Windows Explorer The share is presented as Samba from Gluster storage on RHEL.

Node1: Working node:

Service user: sqluser@domain.local, Path:\\shr01\main-storage\files\dbbackup\db1\full

Node2: Not working node:

Service user: sqluser@domain.local Path: \\shr01\main-storage\files\dbbackup\db2\full

Both directories have the same permissions and ownership, I've tried pointing the path from Node2 to the either share but I get the same result with either paths from Node2:


This means that the path can be found, but the permissions aren't working. The directory is owned by a sambaadmin@domain.local user from the file server and can be accessed by BOTH nodes in Windows with full read/write with the service user sqluser@domain.local, but it doesn't work via SQL Server backup device creation? Help. Please.


Figured it out -- Windows credential manager didn't have the credentials stored for the share. After adding the proper creds to the credential manager it worked ok.

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