I have successfully created replication using GTID_MODE. It works perfectly. Now I need to setup automatic failover feature in it. I have run the following command.

mysqlfailover --master=root:abc@ --discover-slaves-login=root:abc

I have got the following results. No slave is listed.

MySQL Replication Failover Utility
Failover Mode = auto     Next Interval = Tue May

Master Information
Binary Log File   Position  Binlog_Do_DB  Binlog
mysql-bin.000016  9568

GTID Executed Set

Replication Health Status
0 Rows Found.
Q-quit R-refresh H-health G-GTID Lists U-UUIDs U

But when I execute the mysqlrplcheck and mysqlrplshow commands, the slave is listed.

Is this normal?


Workaround for this is to give slave details also:

mysqlfailover --master=root:abc@ --discover-slaves-login=root:abc --slaves=root:abc@<host>, root:abc@<host>

where is IP or hostname of slaves.

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