I needed an user to be able to log in on our MySQL server 5.6 from machine foobarhost, IP

Therefore I created a user 'joe'@'foobarhost' but he was unable to log in. I had to create an user 'joe'@'' and this time worked fine.

My question: how does MySQL handle hostnames vs IP addresses concerning users?

MySQL sorts the user table before checking for a match, using IP addresses and hostnames as the most-specific values to match to. However, the docs do not specify what takes precedence - hostname or IP. Does MySQL attempt a hostname resolution and, if it fails, performs a check on the IP?

What is the recommended usage for the user table: specify only IP addresses, hostnames, or both (as I did in the example above)?


I had this problem before, and after long investigation I found out sometimes MySQL can not resolve any issue related to DNS by default, so I did the following: edited hosts file ( can be found under Linux /etc/hosts, for Windows C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and added ip and hostname for the client machine,in your example its foobarhost

then save and close ( note Windows will require reboot before taking any effect), you may need to add the following parameters --skip-name-resolve and\or --skip-host-cache .

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