I met a problem from Oracle 12C Database, when I try to login to the user account with commandconn test/test, I got prompt of "invalid username/password, logon denied". invalid nsername/password when I use conn test/test@PDBORCL, I got "Could not resolve the connect identifier specified"Could not resolve identifier Can anyone please help me out? I really appreciate!!


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Strangely, changing my service name to UPPERCASE has helped!

  1. Changed case of service name to UPPERCASE in tnsnames.ora for pluggable database ("ORCLPDB" in my case).

  2. Follow below commands:

    enter image description here

    Note: service name in uppercase while connecting ex SCOTT/TIGER@ORCLPDB

    Not sure why this has worked for me !!

  • It's really strange, but when I create the user and password by using all caps, it works fine. But if I use lower case letters, I get the exact same issue
    – 130nk3r5
    Commented Jul 21, 2020 at 8:17

In the tnsnames.ora file, I added an entry for PDBORCL in which the SERVICE_NAME=pdborcl. Just changed it to uppercase like SERVICE_NAME=PDBORCL and the problem was solved.


You can also connect directly with below syntax:

sqlplus TEST/test@localhost:1521/pdborcl

pdborcl is pluggable database name

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