Is there a limit on this method? I've tried a 35GB Database and it works, but my question is how about if my Database is like 100-150GB? Will I encounter some error? Or it will work smoothly but a little bit slow because of a large database size?

I'm using the method given by @Kin here



Schema generation will totally depend on the amount of objects (tables, SPs, triggers, indexes, etc) in database.

Schema is just a skeleton of the database without data.

If you are concerned about using SSMS GUI, you can use PowerShell - which will definitely scale better - and can be automated easily as compared to SSMS GUI.

I have tried scripting out schema of 1TB data warehouse database without any issues (as I said previously, the more objects you have, the bigger script it will be - and slower too (better to use PowerShell)).

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