I'm trying to add multiple rows using 'replace into' , but its updating one row.

REPLACE INTO user_balance
VALUES  (NEW.id,1,'USD',0,1,0,0,NEW.ip_address),

Is this right, the way am doing it?

PS: am employing a trigger to update the balance table whenever an user is created in the users table. It works well with if I replace one row, for multiple rows, it updates only the last values.

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You should avoid using triggers in conjunction with REPLACE INTO on multiple rows. Why ?

REPLACE INTO is nothing more than a mechanical DELETE and INSERT. It can incite mysqld to address deadlocks (See my answer to How I prevent deadlock occurrence in my application?)

Here are two comments that shows the LIFO approach to processing triggers

Posted by Atif Ghaffar on September 23 2007 9:12pm [Delete] [Edit] PLEASE Note that the REPLACE does a DELETE operation.

We did not realize this and had the triggers that should be triggered on DELETE triggered.

After checking all the code, we just found a script that does a replace to refresh the values of some fields.

We should have had used "insert into ... on duplicate update" syntax instead.

Posted by J Mike on May 4 2009 11:06pm [Delete] [Edit] If you are using REPLACE INTO... triggers are fired in this order (if delete of duplcate key is used):

  • before insert
  • before delete
  • after delete
  • after insert

Your problem ? An UPDATE trigger will never fire off if this has to be done multiple times in a single operation. At least, I don't see that happening.


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