I'm in the process of building a new data warehouse and I am starting out by building a few dimensions. I have created a fairly typical "Date" dimension and that seems ok. Now I am trying to create a "Person" dimension which contains "Date of Birth Key" and "Date of Death Key" attributes, both of which are related to the key attribute of the Date dimension.

When I process the Person dimension I am receiving an error about duplicate keys. Looking into it, I found that the code that is generated for processing the Date of Birth attribute is incorrectly joining to the Date dimension using the Date of Death column:

         [Dim_Person].[Date of birth key]
FROM     [Dim].[Person] AS [Dim_Person],
         [Dim].[Date] AS [Dim_Date]
   [Dim_Person].[Date of death key] = [Dim_Date].[DateKey]  <--- This line is WRONG!

I have attached a screenshot showing the Date of Birth attribute. The Date of Death attribute is identical other than looking at the Date of Death Key field.

Date of Birth attribute

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in SSAS ?

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