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Analysis services not allowing any connections except localhost. Authentication box is disabled and only allow windows authentication. How can I connect to different remote analysis servers using sql server authentication. Thanks.


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We always run our Analysis Services on a named server, e.g. AnSrv123, and being run by a Domain Login such as DomainName\ManageAnSRV124.

Regarding connecting to Remote Analysis Servers using SQL Server authentication please note the following.

Connect from client applications (Analysis Services) https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn141153.aspx

This says, in part: "Authentication is always Windows authentication, and the user identity is always the Windows user who is connecting via Management Studio."


You can't connect to SSAS with SQL authentication. SSAS only uses Windows authentication..

On the server side users must be defined as part of a security role. The role will define what cube privileges you have.

To connect to another server you type the server name in field where it says local host.

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