So I'm building a java app to interface with the company's database. Whenever it causes an ORA error, it just prints something like the following to system output:

ORA-00911: invalid character

Is there some way I can see what's causing it? Maybe some SQL statement I can use to see the last 10 errors caused on a table or something? I have SQLDeveloper if that might be useful.


Either set tracing on client(jdbc) side. Or you can create system trigger ON SYSTEMERROR see this, but this requires DBA privs.

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  • SYSTEMERROR trigger won't help (as it didn't work in the post you are referring ). In order to appear in v$sql the query must be validated. Queries with syntax errors never get successfully parsed – a1ex07 Jun 12 '15 at 19:10
  • @a1ex07 it won't apper in the v$sql view, but it should be read from ora_sql_txt function. It is the attribute passed to even trigger. – ibre5041 Jun 12 '15 at 20:47
  • yeah you're right , I didn't scroll down to the answer that mentioned sql_txt function. – a1ex07 Jun 12 '15 at 21:29

You can enable trace for you session after application is connected, for example, EXEC DBMS_MONITOR.session_trace_enable(binds=>TRUE);, then you will find the culprit in trace file. More information about tracing in Oracle https://oracle-base.com/articles/misc/sql-trace-10046-trcsess-and-tkprof

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