my database size is very big around 100gb and when I restore it takes 3 days to restore. I am using amazon ec2.

My question is I want to setup a new slave to MYSQL master, can I take a snapshot of the Master and create a new instance using the snapshot and then enable replication in between.Given that I take log position before the snapshot and my.cnf changes as required. Snapshot is very fast and takes 1-2hours to create a new machine, whereas mysqldump is taking very very long.

I was just worried if replication works using above method, can anyone help please.


on Amazon system you can use following steps to setup replication for MySQL

  • Choose a low/off production window
  • Note Master co-ordinate using show master status
  • You may consider using flush tables with read-lock, just to make sure you are sure that your co-ordinates doesn't change while you are creating snap shot
  • take snap shot and restore
  • Change server-id and relay log and issue change master

Hope it helps

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I would advise you to drop mysqldump and move to Percona Xtrabackup. It will give you a filesystem level backup that can be made online. Restoring those backups will be orders of magnitude faster.

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