Error while starting mirroring When I click the start mirroring button it shows the below error message. When I try to connect the mirror and witness server through management studio it's connecting and working fine. The user I am logging to the machine is with the domain user.


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I would suggest you to verify the service accounts you are using:

  • SQL Server service account requires CONNECT permissions to partners’ endpoints

  • Best option is to use domain accounts for all partners

  • If using Local Service or Local System, must use certificate

Ensure that the start date of the certificate is the current date or a day in the past relative to all servers. Due to time zone differences, if the current date on the server is earlier than the start date of the certificate, endpoint authentication will fail. Set the START_DATE option of the certificate to the day prior to when you are creating it to ensure it will work in all time zones.

  • If using Network Service, must use the computer account
    (domain\Computer$) Windows permissions are irrelevant. Do NOT add to local admins group

  • Check the SQL log for errors

Also check for SQL Server service account in case it do not exist in logins on both Principal & Mirror

You can fix for above case by adding the service account in logins on both the servers and grant the connect permission as below;

GRANT CONNECT ON ENDPOINT::Mirroring TO [domain\loginname]

For further troubleshooting in case above does not help read here

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