Until this morning I could connect via Sequel Pro to one of our networked machines that has the MySQL server on it.

Today, however, it's another story: when I am trying to connect, it times out. Even if I start a simple PHP PDO connection and run it from my machine it returns "504 gateway time out".

It's been set up for years and the details are simple:

HOST: -- 
DB: ??? -- 
PW: ???? -- 
PORT: 3306 --

etc. I have not changed or edited any users.

Now the only thing that happened overnight was we had a power cut and this machine was restarted, so I am not sure if this could have caused the issue, because I have restarted the machine many times and it also has done so automatically with updates etc.

And after trying what I could find I am stuck, at what I can do next.

Your advise would be appreciated. Thanks


Local Server Firewall settings.

in my case the local server was using McAfee, so enabling the port 3306 access to all pc's fixed the issue.

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