I have a LAN in which clients connect to the SQL Server installed on a server with the IP address of (SERVER_A).

I have another SQL Server instance installed on another server with the IP address of (SERVER_B).

The servers are routed to each other so I can connect to one instance by SSMS from the other server.

The problem is I need to connect from the clients in the LAN ( to the instance installed on SERVER_B.

Is there a way to create an alias instance on SERVER_A which points to the instance installed on SERVER_B? So I can connect to SERVER_A and it redirects me to SERVER_B?

I have an application and I can't change how it talks to the database. So I have to create all the Tables, Views and SPs again on SERVER_A and redirect them to tables, views, and SPs on SERVER_B. I want to use something like aliasing. However the problem is I can connect to the instance locally but not remotely when I use alias instance name.

  • So to clarify the issue is that clients are not routed to the SERVER_B (.3 subnet) but ARE routed to Server_A. As a result, you are trying to avoid a network routing request to allow them to filter to Server_B THROUGH Server_A? Jun 14, 2016 at 23:19
  • Or is the issue that you don't want clients to change their connection strings, so you'd rather them keep the same string but then automatically connect to the new server? Jun 14, 2016 at 23:20

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You can setup a linked server on SERVER_A to SERVER_B and access the databases using four part naming (SERVER_B.database.schema.table). See How to Create a Linked Server in the documentation.

You can also just add a secondary IP address to SERVER_B.

If Server_B is on the same VLAN as Server_A, you can add an alias to its IP address at the client level. But what you want to do is not very feasible.


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