We're using a master-slave solution using MariaDB 5.5.44. Is there a way to manually introduce an artificial delay between the master and slave? I'm thinking of something like 1 minute or so. Is there a mysqld option that does this?

I see that MySQL 5.6 has the MASTER_DELAY parameter for the CHANGE MASTER TO command, but I suppose it doesn't exist in 5.5 (or MariaDB 5.5). Is there another way to cause a delay?


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The MASTER_DELAY option is currently scheduled to be in MariaDB 10.2. There is an issue for the feature.

Until that is added to MariaDB, your best option is pt-slave-delay from Percona. I've used it before and it is pretty easy to get going but since it isn't part of the mysql server, it's not as reliable.

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