I have been trying to download Oracle Database 11g release 2 for mac os but in the given link by oracle I can only see Linux x86 and Linux x86-64. Is this ok to use this Linux file for installing oracle database in mac

  • I don't believe Oracle 11.2 was ever built for the Mac. If you want to run Oracle, I believe you'd need to run it inside a virtual machine that would itself be running, presumably, either linux or Windows. – Justin Cave Jul 3 '15 at 23:56
  • I had Oracle 10g running on a Mac. I agree with the other posts that there is no Mac version of Oracle 11g. I also used Parallels to create a Linux VM which works well, but it is not free. You can also try Virtual Box, which has a mac version and should be free. Either way make sure that you have enough memory, otherwise your Mac might kernel panic. – Gandolf989 Jul 6 '15 at 15:38

Oracle 11g R2 Database Release 2 only support Windows, Linux, and Solaris. So if you want to using Oracle 11g R2 on a Mac OS you will need to using something like Virtual Box or VMware Fusion. You can read more about installing Oracle 11g R2 on these operating system here.

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