Oracle XE 11gR1 RHEL 6.3

Is Oracle Wallet available with Oracle XE for production environments? or any environment? Google search turns up nothing specifically declaring it not being available.

  • ask an Oracle licencing rep. it's the only way to be sure
    – kevinskio
    Jul 6, 2015 at 18:44

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Options and Major Features Not Included


Advanced Security Option
Secure External Password Store
SecureFiles Encryption

Availability/Backup and Recovery Features

Backup Encryption No

The technologies that use the wallet are excluded, so the answer is no. Oracle Express Edition does not include the wallet management tools (mkstore, orapki, owm) at all.


According to the Oracle Database Licensing Information 11g Release 2 document

Oracle Wallet

An Oracle Wallet is a PKCS#12 container used to store authentication and encryption keys. The Oracle database secure external password store feature stores passwords in an Oracle Wallet for password-based authentication to the Oracle database. The Oracle Wallet may also be used to store credentials for PKI authentication to the Oracle Database, configuration of network encryption (SSL/TLS), and Oracle Advanced Security transparent data encryption (TDE) master encryption keys. Strong authentication services (Kerberos, PKI, and RADIUS) and network encryption (native network encryption and SSL/TLS) are no longer part of Oracle Advanced Security and are available in all licensed editions of all supported releases of the Oracle database.

That last bit about strong authentication services and network encryption being available in all licensed and supported releases of the Oracle database would suggest that it might be. It just a matter how licensed and supported are defined. XE is licensed, but it's support is via Oracle's free discussion forum rather than via the paid for My Oracle Support site


Oracle Wallet is not available with Oracle XE per se but can be deployed with any Oracle version. That is to say, I can create a wallet on a licensed version of Oracle only. But a wallet can be deployed free of charge on any version.

There is also the option of using openSSL. After getting a certificate, run the following to create your wallet:

openssl pkcs12 -export -in mycertCA.pem -out ewallet.p12 -nokeys

You will also be prompted with the chance to add a password after running the above.

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