I am building an application where users can apply for small business loans. There are 4 types of loans (A,B,C,D). There are 10 commons questions no matter which type they choose, but then based on which type of loan they want, there are 3-4 more questions specific for that type.

What is the best way to represent this in the database?

Thanks in advanced!

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Consider having all questions in a single table. Have a column that is datatype SET with (currently) 4 "bits": 'A','B','C','D'. 10 questions would have all 4 bits set; the others would have one bit each.

(There are certainly other ways to solve this.)


For flexibility, I would have a many-to-many relationship between loan types and questions:

  • questions(question_id, question, ...)
  • loan_types(loantype_id, more field...)
  • loan_type_questions(loantypw_id, question_id, [order, other fields])

This way will allow you to

  • add more features later if needed. For example, depending on the loan type, you want the questions to show in a specific order. For this, you add order field in the relation table.
  • Add more question and/or loan types without having to modify the structure of the tables.

Again, as Rick mentioned, there are other, maybe better, ways :)

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