I have searched for this question but cannot find an answer. Or, the answers I have found have been related to SQL Server. This is for MySQL 5.x.

Anyway, say I have a table called Employees and in that table, I have various columns like:

id, lastname, firstname, salary, ssn, hiredate

Now, I have some users that need to be able to select from the VIEW but not the TABLE.

For example:

--user a
select * from employee_view;

id, lastname, firstname, hiredate

--user a
select * from employee;   // access denied  (didn't use view)

Then I have an HR User:

--HR user
select * from employee_view;

-- shows:
id, lastname, firstname, ssn, salary, hiredate

-- HR user
select * from employee;  // access denied (didn't use view)

Is there any way I can do this?


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    Run SELECT * FROM mysql.user WHERE user='$youruser'; and edit your question with the result.
    – oNare
    Jul 6, 2015 at 20:38

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I figured it out myself.

First, I created an account that ONLY had permissions to certain columns (not all). I then created a view for those columns and used the user as the definer.

Then, I created another test account and ONLY gave them permissions to that view.

So the test user could not see the underlying table but only the view and columns.

Works great.

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