I am confused.

Issue: SSIS ("SQL Server Import Export Wizard") should let me build a data import package and save it to a file, for easy re-running (converting to a task, etc.).

I want to save a package, but the tool always tells me "profile cannot be saved because your are not running SQL Standard Edition."

I know that the SSIS ("SQL Server Import Export Wizard") that, but I think I qualify.

Why is the save option not available?

I am connecting to an instance of standard (from connection properties in SSMS):

Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition (64-bit)  (SQL 2005)

I have tried the SQL 2012 and 2014 client tools, and have the same experience on each.

How do I solve this?

(Is the tool detecting Express edition that I have locally?)

  • @billinkc If I follow you, it means I need to use the appro installer for client tools to get that client piece in licensed mode? (Next Q: Are client tools included in the main installer for server, or are client tools always in discrete client installer? -- I have always used the latter.) Commented Jul 15, 2015 at 20:19

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Community Wiki answer created from an answer in the question comments by billinkc

The version of the DTS Wizard that is launched is or isn't licensed based on the installation. Here you can see that I am licensed for SSIS on my 2008 instance but not for the 2014 (because I only installed client tools):


You can have a valid SSMS install and even a BIDS/SSDT install, and still not be licensed for creating SSIS packages. Also, you might be connecting to a licensed Standard Edition box but the tools on your local machine would need to be Dev/Standard/BI/Enterprise/DW edition.

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