I am new to oracle, so I don't know how lobs are saved, like in postgresql all lobs are saved in a table ( pg_largeobject) and all tables with lobs column have an id for this "main table". So does oracle save lobs in a table and all tables just have an id to this "main table" or each table has his own copy of the lob.


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Internal LOBs are stored within the database, as table columns. External LOBs are stored outside the database as operating system files. Only a reference to the actual OS file is stored in the database.


If you want to see LOB object storage details, you can use the following views:


DBA_LOBS: owner, table, column, segment info for the LOB table column

DBA_SEGMENTS: logical storage unit details

DBA_EXTENTS: block storage unit details


I found a doc in oracle that explains how he manage his storage with LOBs, how storage works in oracle

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