Simple question but I'm a newbie. I have existing orders table 'Orders'(table1) and it has an OrderNumber as a column and the orders are number up 156. I have a existing table called 'orders'(table 2) from another website. I have to insert these orders from table 2 into table one and the OrderNumber for the inserted new order has to be 157....and so on for all orders coming in. I have asked this question and get answers that make no sense. Anyone?


I got it to work but why did it increment with 50? It went from 156 to 206. I only want it to take the next number in sequence.


It incremented by 50 because you added "ordID" to @idmax and ordID = 50.

Maybe you wanted an incrementing number using row_number?

SELECT @idmax = MAX(OrderNumber) FROM OrderNumbers

INSERT INTO OrderNumbers

 row_number() over(order by ordID) +@idmax,

 FROM orders

 SELECT * FROM OrderNumbers
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  • Worked Perfectly. Thank you @Mister Magoo – Fred Jul 16 '15 at 20:19

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