I am trying to setup a master-slave PostgreSQL 9.4 database on Fedora 22, with the slave database's PGDATA being different from the default /var/lib/pgsql/data/ directory. I wrote this to /etc/systemd/system/postgresql.service

.include /lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service

and ran

semanage fcontext -a -t postgresql_db_t "/mnt/db/pg_data(/.*)?"

However, the database won't start and running journalctl -xe gives the title error. How would I go about fixing it.


It looks like you changed the context of the /mnt/db/pg_data directory, but didn't apply the changes to everything underneath.

You can verify this by running ls -Z on the files in question. If you don't see 'postgresql_db_t', then the changes weren't applied.

restorecon -Rv /mnt/db/pg_data/ should set the SELinux contexts correctly. Forcing a relabel of your entire filesystem with touch ./autorelabel and a reboot would also work.

I also noticed that in your service file, you set the PGDATA variable to:


instead of


As you did in your restorecon command, and that could cause problems as well because /mnt/db/data probably doesn't exist on your server.

Lastly, if pg_ctl doesn't have the correct SELinux context, it won't be able to read the data directory either.

So, verifying the context with ls -Z on pg_ctl and changing it if needed is also a good idea.

You can find nice documentation on these SELinux commands here:



Hope that helps. Good luck. =)

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