I have a bunch of questions and answers and total votes of those questions and answers. My requirement that I always show how many votes for a question or a answer (and user doesn't often click to who votes for question or answer). Base on this requirement, I have two ways to implement:

  1. store a column name total_vote in question table.
  2. store total vote of a question on memory db such as Redis. Because this data doesn't so important (for example, I can show to user 100 votes, although currently has about 105 votes).

I want to know which is advantages and disadvantages from two above method. I which is prefer due to my business requirement.

Thanks :)

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Though reads are more common on these votes than writes. From my understanding you always load the vote count together with the question when displaying it. Therefore I would recommend storing them together.

Besides you save money because RAM requirements are lower.

  • Christian

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