I have built a two node SQL Server 2014 Always On cluster on the same subnet.

I need to create two availability groups/listeners in the same instance for two sets of databases. Do I need two separate IP addresses for each listener or one IP address can be shared for both listeners ?


Creating a listener creates (permissions must allow, otherwise the entry will be made by the network team) a DNS entry, and has a dependency to an IP address. It logically follows that each listener needs its own IP address, because how else will traffic know where to be directed?

See Failover Cluster Manager>[Cluster Name]>Services and applications> [Availability Group name]. Under Server Name section, the listener name is displayed and shows the IP Address underneath, which is reflected as a Dependencies entry if you open the properties of the listener name.

If you find a way around it, I'd sure like to know, because it doesn't make sense to me that it would work. Good luck!

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  • However, if you connect to the listener, you can see all the databases on that server, regardless of if they are part of the availability group you connected to or not. – Jonathan Fite Feb 12 at 13:09

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