I know the very basics of databases. I worked in the past with MySQL and recently switched to PostgreSQL (9.1) with PostGIS 2.0.1.

At the moment I'm designing a new database and I use the tool pgModeler for that. In MySQL I could use autoincrement for my primary keys, but PostgreSQL doesn't have that. Some searching showed me that I should use serial instead. There are some small lookup tables in my design which have a smallint as primary key. So I switched them to smallserial, which is an option in pgModeler. Now I'm trying to execute my query and it returns with the error: ERROR: type "smallserial" does not exist

According to the documentation I see now that smallserial is not listed in table 8.2 but later on in the document (8.1.4) it is mentioned. Is this an small error in the documentation or am I missing something like some setting somewhere?


Smallserial has been introduced in core with Postgres 9.2. In earlier version you could emulate it as it is only a short form. Documentation of 9.2 gives a hint for it

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