Is there a schema I can look in or a query that I can run to see all the Netezza system or metadata tables?

I know about _v_table, _v_view, _v_relation_column, and _v_groupusers. I know there are many others and I would like the definitive list. Documentation on each would be nice too, but I will settle for just a list.

I looked at How list of netezza system tables/views? but I am looking for a list of system tables. The author of that question is looking to pull specific metadata about the tables on his system.


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I don't know of a way to access such a list via a query but IBM provide a list of user views and system views in their Knowledge Centre. I assume those pages are public because their website tells me I'm not currently logged in (but it's not the most user-friendly of sites in terms of authentication so I may be wrong).

As CraigBoyd pointed out in a comment, SELECT * FROM _V_SYS_VIEW; will give you the list of system views. SELECT * FROM _V_VIEW; will also list some of the system views plus any user-defined views. I can't tell why some views are included in _V_SYS_VIEW but not in _V_VIEW.

  • Hi Carl ~ thanks for this! I look high & low and could not find it. The link points to the system views and the last entry in the table is the key! SELECT * FROM _V_SYS_VIEW gives a list of all the system views! THANKS!!!!
    – CraigBoyd
    Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 14:02

Gives you all the system view names. All the view names are self descriptive.


use the _XDB tables. some work. some dont. pity because I cant get at tables but not distribution keys, which would be useful given multiple databases with the same patterns across many


ADMIN schema contains the metadata views.


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