I have a SQL Server Agent job that calls a PowerShell script in one step. And I want to pass the SQL server name and the current job-id to my script.

With the job-id I have no problems. But with the server name...

My PowerShell call looks like this:

.\StopServices.ps1 -ServerName $(ESCAPE_DQUOTE(A-SVR)) -JobId $(ESCAPE_DQUOTE(JOBID))

The job-id works perfect, but the server name is empty.

How can I pass the server name to my PowerShell script?


Replace A-SVR with SRVR.

A-SVR is for alerts.

SRVR will contain server name and instance name.

Refer to document on MSDN.

  • Many thanks! That was the mistake... "D'oh!" :) – Homer Simpson Aug 17 '15 at 6:59

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