Every time I try to create a table using MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE it adds "broken" comments at the end of the script.


I am trying to create a table called "user". This is what the table should look like: Table Example

However when I click the apply button, the script generates incorrectly:

  `record_status` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 COMMENT '',
  `createdby` VARCHAR(75) NOT NULL COMMENT '',
  `createddate` DATETIME NOT NULL COMMENT '',
  `updatedby` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `updateddate` DATETIME NULL COMMENT '',
  `username` INT NOT NULL COMMENT '',
  `password` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `firstname` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `lastname` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `email` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `facebook_userid` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  `email_verified` VARCHAR(75) NULL COMMENT '',
  PRIMARY KEY (`userid`, `username`)  COMMENT '');

The comment in this line should not be there, so the code should be:

PRIMARY KEY (`userid`, `username`));

and the code executes when I paste it into an editor and remove this comment. However I create massive databases daily. (Each with +- 15 tables). I can't keep doing this for each table as it is time consuming.

How can I disable this feature that adds the comments to the script? I don't need them in my databases


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This is a bug on MySQL Workbench >=6.3.* reported in these cases #76578 and HERE.

This is what ALTER TABLE do:

  • It adds a COMMENT '' on every line of the SQL Script to apply:

enter image description here

I recommended you to downgrade your MySQL Workbench to 6.2.* until they fix this.

Tested in Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and MySQL Workbench


Remove all occurence of COMMENT ''. Feel free to leave a comment under this bug. We're working on it to fix it, so stay tuned for upcoming release.


Downgrade to 6.2; 6.3 has the bug you describe.


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