I have a players table

id  name
--  ----
1   jack
2   john
3   mike
4   pikachu

And I have a matches table where these players can be matched together.

id pair_id player_id
-- ------- ---------
 1       1         1
 2       1         2
 3       2         3
 4       2         4

So I tried something like select group_concat(name) group by pair_id The end results is something like:


But what I like to is to get players in their own columns like:

p1   p2
---- ----
Jack John

How can I do that?

  • Search for 'pivot'. – Rick James Aug 22 '15 at 2:55

No group_concat needed, just joins:

select player1.name as p1, player2.name as p2
from matches m1
join players player1 on m1.player_id = player1.id
join matches m2 on m1.pair_id = m2.pair_id and m1.id != m2.id
join players player2 on m2.player_id = player2.id;
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Probably you do not want group_concat() at all, you want a join:

SELECT t1.name AS p1, t2.name AS p2
    players AS t1
    matches m1 ON t1.id = m1.player_id
    matches m2 ON m1.pair_id = m2.pair_id and m1.id < m2.id
    players t2 ON t2.id = m2.player_id

The m1.id < m2.id part ensures that each pair will be returned only once, with p1 being the one with smaller id in the matches table for a given pair_id.

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