I installed PostgreSQL and and its GUI, pgAdmin III.
Setup already had a default database postgres.

When I am trying to create a new table or database, it is showing an error:

ERROR: cannot execute CREATE DATABASE in a read-only transaction

I uncommented the line default_transaction_read_only = off in postgresql.conf and executed the command pg_ctl start -D /home/jaison/progresData -Z datanode -l logfile but it is still showing the same error.

please help me to resolve this issue.

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You could always double check your problem by issuing a command such as

/usr/bin/pgsql/bin/createdb test

You can frequently get better/clearer error messages and/or other information from the command line than from GUI tools such as pgAdmin III.

But, in order to change a system parameter, you have to reload the postgresql.conf file after making changes. You can do this by either

  • rebooting the server or

  • reloading the .conf file or

  • change on the client side

From here, some parameters always need a reboot and some can be dynamically changed by simply reloading.

I tried to find a clear list of those which required reboot and which required reload, but failed (grateful for input on this!).

For a system reboot,

pgctl restart

To reload, you could also try these commands (from here - or check the documentation page given above).

Option 1: From the command-line shell

su - postgres /path/to/pg_ctl reload

Option 2: Using SQL

SELECT pg_reload_conf();

You can verify that the setting has "taken" from the table pg_settings. Also of interest is this page.

For the default_transaction_read_only parameter, you can also set it directly from the client (see here). Check the links here for how to set all parameters - reboot, reload or client.

test=# SELECT name, setting FROM pg_settings WHERE name = 'default_transaction_read_only';
             name              | setting 
 default_transaction_read_only | on
(1 row)

test=# `SET default_transaction_read_only = OFF;`
test=# SELECT name, setting FROM pg_settings WHERE name = 'default_transaction_read_only';
             name              | setting 
 default_transaction_read_only | off
(1 row)

test=# SET default_transaction_read_only = ON;
  • I am extremly sorry..But I was not able to check the post due to some reasons. But this post seems to be very useful. thank you very much
    – jaison
    Dec 15, 2015 at 13:11
  • @jaison - if you think that the answer is correct, please mark it as such. This will help those looking for answers to the same or similar questions.
    – Vérace
    Oct 12, 2018 at 11:12

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