I have a table like this;

event_id  pair  versus  score
       1     1      11    100
       1     1      12      0
       1    11       1      0
       1    12       1     50

Now I want to get the both scores for a given pair on the same result row. Like;

event_id pair versus score1 score2
       1    1     11    100      0
       1    1     12      0     50

Any ideas?


Assuming you always have pair , the following should give you desired result:

SELECT a.event_id ,a.pair,a.versus,
a.score as score1, b.score as score2
FROM table_name a
INNER JOIN table_name b on
(a.event_id = b.event_id and b.pair =a.versus and b.versus=a.pair and a.pair<b.pair)

Side notes.
1. It makes sense to have a surrogate primary key column in the table.
2. The query would look much cleared if you had one more column which serves as pair identifier (ie. both 1-11 and 11-1 would share the same pair_identifier).
3. a.pair<b.pair added to avoid duplicates in resultset

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