After installation of another SQL Server 2014 instance to a server where a default instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 is present, I cannot remote connect remote to the new named instance.

The default 2008 R2 instance uses TCP port 1433 set for all "IP(n)" settings.

Here is what I read / checked / tried:

Following this question: configure remote connection for multiple instances sql server 2008

I figured several settings and tried the following:

  • Server Security: Mixed
  • Server Connections Properties: Allow [checked]
  • SQL Server Browser started
  • Protocol Settings for the 2014 instance set as follows:
    • Shared Memory=Enabled,
    • Named Pipes=Disabled,
    • TCP/IP=Enabled
      • TCP IP Setting of new instance:
        • Enabled=Yes,
        • Listen All=YES,
      • TCP/IP Settings for IP(n):
        • Dynamic Ports=erased
        • TCP Port=erased
      • IPAll Setting:
        • Dynamic Ports = erased
        • Port=49172

I tried to remote connect using [IP]:49172\Instance and HostName:49172\Instance and HostName\Instance and [IP]\Instance without success.

I try to use SQL Server authentication, the user is available and is sysadmin and can connect local.

What am I missing here?


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The solution was to restart the SQL Server Browser. Looks like my configuration was correct but has to be made before starting this service. After that I could access the 2nd Sql Server without problems, just using the name\instance.

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    "name\instance" There it is! I forgot, The first, default instance can simply be accesses by "localhost", but the second instance needed "localhost\instance"
    – justinm410
    Commented Jan 27, 2017 at 18:20

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